Thursday, October 16, 2014

KM&J September 2014

If anyone out there is looking for a park to take pictures, I would highly recommend Bogle Park in Bentonville, Arkansas.  Even if it is just a few snapshots of the family, they really do ahve a great atmosphere.  And it's free! 

It really is these sorts of pictures that you will remember the most.  Not the ones that have perfect posing, perfect light, or even the perfect smile. It is simply the ones that hold the perfect moment.  The one that isn't rehearsed, staged,  or planned.   

DeWitt Family 2014

Another great shoot with this family.

And the good news is that I found another great park to shoot in.

Cambridge Park in Rogers, AR

It was the little ones 1st Birthday, and if you ever get the chance I highly recommend a smash cake.  It's an absolute blast. 

Monday, October 6, 2014

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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

My edit lists

These are usually what I listen to while I edit.
I seem to find the biggest inspiration from the classics!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Look what I found...

I found these the other day while mowing.  Something that I have never seen before in Arkansas, so if you know please chime in.  I was wondering if the spider is a wasp spider, but I could be wrong.  They were enormous!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Country Stampede 2014

Here we are at country stampede in Manhattan, Kansas enjoying some great country music. I've posted previously about this event, and all that I can really say is be careful.

- Make sure you hydrated!
-  Pay attention to your surrounding, and know who you are with.

Other than that it is a really good time!
Good food, good music, and just a flat-out good time!

Easton Corbin
Luke Bryan
Eric Church
Chris Young
Thomas Rhett
Randy Houser
Lee Brice
Dustin Lynch
Jon Pardi
Joe Nichols
Will Hoge
Charlie Worsham
EriK Dylan
Tyler Farr
Joe Diffie
Jana Kramer
6 Degrees West
The Railers
Logan Mize
Greg McDougal

If you would like to see it in person 


You should really give it a try!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Why I'm going back to printing...and albums

I seems I have read several places that many people are reverting back to printing and putting them into albums as a way to back up their photographs. Reminds me of a relative that I have, who happens to have over 200 photo albums....but that's beside the point. I you have a few minutes we can walk through a few key points on why I am going back to printing as another form of back-up.   

-  How many of you have an old MySpace account?  Ha! Me too.  I had to move mountains to remember my old password.  When I finally did there were photos on there that I had I completely forgot about. Or, we can talk about the canister film, Polaroid's, MP3 players, Walkman's, or disposable cameras. At any rate, I think that we can all agree that technology changes everything almost overnight.  I'm sure there are photos somewhere that I upload to some random website, that I may never see again. I will not even get into the troubles that are concerned with trying to find various passwords to access your content at any given time.  
[I think it is safe to say that as much as we value technology, it does not return the favor]

- The famous external hard drive! But wait.. don't drop it, because its gone. Or get it wet.  Personally, if I was going to put all of my photographs on a hard drive, I would be sure to back them up elsewhere.  If you don't believe me, please refer to the previous point.

- A solid piece of mass creates a priceless memory. I have seen one photo and only one photo of my late grandfather.  This is because it was printed and handed down through the years.  Had it been on a phone or a tablet, I might never have seen it.  Then on the back of the photo are the notes that surround the memory.  Not typed, but in detailed written script of the events that were taking place.  And always remember to include such marking on your photos.  I can look back now and realized how sloppy my handwriting was, and can still get a good laugh from it.  

-People change, and so do phones.  Ten years from now when you hold the heart of someone who calls you grandmother, or grandfather, and those little ones come to visit; surely you will have the same phone right?  Nothing brings me more joy than sitting down a flipping through and old photo album.  I would much rather do that that to have everyone gather around a phone, or a tablet to remember all of the people and events that were part of your life.  A photograph also evokes a sudden laughter, and tear, and even a not so distant memory. 

Try This!

Next time you are together with family and friends for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or a birthday party dig out several of you photos albums, and let every have at it! 

There are an endless ways to back up your priceless photos.  I am choosing to print mine as well as back them up on various websites.  I currently hold an account for numerous print sites, back up with CD and then print.  Most sites give you ample storage, but I have chosen to use several.  
List or sites - depending on your preference:  


These are just a few, but for every photo I take, I print.